I currently serve as the Director of Policy and Research for Demand Abolition, working with policymakers in Washington, D.C. to build smarter accountability practices designed to reduce victimization caused by the illicit commercial sex trade. We are one of several human rights programs of Swanee Hunt Alternatives, led and founded by Ambassador Swanee Hunt.

Demand Abolition LogoEvery day I have the privilege of working in an educational capacity with members of Congress, their staff, federal administrative officials, survivors, law enforcement, and local NGOs. We are united in our efforts to stop the modern day human rights abuses occurring through commercial sexual exploitation. My goal is to help connect these diverse stakeholders around the best research, local practices, and policy approaches to accountability in an effort to reduce offending rates.

I am the former Executive Director of youthSpark, a nonprofit addressing the systemic abuse and exploitation of Atlanta’s youth. The great team at youthSpark continues to lead research and advocacy to addresses the underlying causes of these complex social problems, while galvanizing social support services to help victimized and marginalized youth.youthSpark Logo While Executive Director, I used my background as an applied social researcher to figure out which types of tactics and strategies effectively reduced exploitation rates, and then I helped build and maintain strategic partnerships within the community to “move the needle” toward these solutions.

During my time at youthSpark I also served as an Affiliated Faculty member of the Department of Sociology at Georgia State University. I hold a Ph.D. in applied sociology from Baylor University. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be part of research teams studying human rights concerns of homeless and runaway youth, as well as factors influencing offending behavior of adults. I really love collecting new data from a variety of (often unconventional) sources, with the ultimate goal of analyzing the numbers to reveal an actionable story that helps improve communities.