Scholarly Publications

Publishing in academic journals is difficult to do when it’s done in your spare time, and not related to your official work duties. Nevertheless, I think scholarship is important…and fun! Below are my peer-reviewed publications.

  • Trouteaud, A. R. & Shelby, R. S. “A scalable and effective technology solution for deterring likely perpetrators of sexual exploitation.” Manuscript Under Review.
  • Hartinger-Saunders, R., Rittner, B., Trouteaud, A., Nochajski, T., & Wieczorek, W. “Cross-lagged, mediation analysis of victimization, parental monitoring, past offending, moral disengagement, and psychological distress on future offending. Manuscript Under Review.
  • Trouteaud, A. R.  2015. “Adolescent Males in the Metro Atlanta Sex Trade: Capture-Recapture Population Size Estimation.” Manuscript Under Review.
  • Hartinger-Saunders, R. M., Trouteaud, A. R. 2015. Underserved Adoptive families: Disparities in postadoption access to information, resources and services. The Journal of Family Strengths, 15(1):Article 6.
  • Hartinger-Saunders, R., Trouteaud, A. R., & Matos Johnson, J.  In press. “Mandated reporters’ perceptions of and encounters with domestic minors sex trafficking (DMST) in the U.S. among adolescent females.” Accepted to American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, November 2015.
  • Hartinger-Saunders, R. M., Trouteaud, A. R., & Matos-Johnson, J.  2014. Post-adoption service need and use as predictors of adoption dissolution: Findings from the 2012 National Adoptive Families Study. Adoption Quarterly, 18(4), 255-272.
  • Hartinger-Saunders, R. M., Trouteaud, A. R., & Johnson, J. M.  2015. The Effects of Postadoption Service Need and Use on Child and Adoptive Parent Outcomes. Journal of Social Service Research, 41:75-92.
  • Trouteaud, A. R., Parker, J. D., & Schapiro, B. S.  2010. The Value of a Coordinated Response. Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families.
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  • Maitner, A. M., & Trouteaud, A. R. 2000.  “Are you really sorry?  A new measure of accidental and deliberate guilt and shame.”  Proceedings of the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, CD-ROM.